Job Openings at the CSMNH

Job Title: Museum Exhibit Designer and Communicator

The Museum Exhibit Designer and Communicator position at the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History (CSMNH) at the University of Connecticut blends robust skill sets related to exhibit design and effective science communication for all museum audiences. Idea development and implementation are at the core of what we are seeking. Our ideal candidate will excel at creating exciting pictorial, text, and interactive exhibit components (including plans, mockups, digital files, and final pieces that engage the public) by translating innovative scholarship involving natural history and cultural collections.

In addition to the development, production, management, installation, and maintenance of object-focused exhibits, our preferred candidate will have significant experience and proficiency in museum communication within a dynamic team of experts, including online exhibit promotion, museum fundraising, and the creation of varied printed materials. Primarily, our preferred candidate will be able to effectively disseminate complex information in a simplified, accessible, educational, and enjoyable manner. You will collaborate with and provide direction for exhibit project development teams within and outside the CSMNH (including faculty, staff, students, administrators, fundraisers, and partners outside of the University).

Submissions are now closed and review of applications has begun.

Address any inquiries regarding this position to Dr. Erin Kuprewicz:

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